For Native Hawaiian Women, by Native Hawaiian Women

Est. 2015

Federally Funded Non-profit Domestic Violence Resource Center

About PONW

Established in 2015 as a grass-roots effort to shed light on native hawaiian women and domestic violence, Pouhana ʻO Nā Wāhine (PONW) has strived to advocate for the native hawaiian community and provide resources to families in need.

PONW is dedicated to helping Native Hawaiians address domestic violence and related injustices through restoring their Native way of life rooted in their cultural beliefs, practices and ceremonies (or voices, languages, and teachings) and securing resources for a Native Hawaiian Resource Center on Domestic Violence.

PONWʻs mission is to provide technical assistance and training; partner at the community, statewide and national levels; and develop policies and cultural resources to stop, prevent, and eliminate domestic violence and help victims and their family members increase their safety.

PONW is the first federally funded non-profit Native Hawaiian Resource Center on Domestic Violence.


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